Jamia Ashrafia Today

The study of the Holy Qur’an, Ahadith, Fiqha and allied theological subjects obviously form the major part of JAMIA’S curriculum, but following the policy of WAFAQUL MADARIS the general subjects of Social Studies, Material Sciences, Mathematics and English have also been included as essential part of the normal curriculum at the JAMIA. Thus the recent Pak. Govt. Federal policy is already being implemented at JAMIA ASHRAFIA.

In addition to the normal full-length courses of studies, the JAMIA is also running as abridged THREE-YEARS ULAMA COURSE FOR THE GRADUATES of general stream of national Universities, under the personal initiative, advice & guidance of Maulana Abdul Rehman Ashrafi, Maulana Muhammad Hassan Ashrafi is designated as the supervisor of this course.

The Academic Block of the JAMIA includes an extensive DARUL QUR’AN, spacious DARUL HADITH, enough number of class rooms for other subjects of study, a huge LIBRARY with a large number of standard Islamic books, the Head Office of Sayanatul Muslimeen and an elaborate IT centre named UMMUL QURA INSTITUTE.

JAMIA ASHRAFIA, LAHORE is thus today acknowledged as the premier seat of Islamic Learning in Pakistan affiliated with the PAKISTAN WAFAQUL MADARIS – a Board of Islamic Education for over 7000 Madaris-e-Islamiyya in Pakistan. In recognition of the high standard of its education, the Pakistan University Grants Commission has declared the final degree of JAMIA ASHRAFIA LAHORE equivalent to Master’s in MA Arabic/Islamic Studies.

With branches & affiliated Madaris spread all over Pakistan, JAMIA ASHRAFIA has over 1500 male & 500 female scholars on rolls at its branches in Lahore only. Serving the cause of Islamic education for over half a century, JAMIA ASHRAFIA has since produced a large number of Huffaz, Qurra & Ulama (Scholars) spreading the beacon of Islamic light in every corner of Pakistan and many countries abroad. These include quite a number of scholars from foreign countries such as Ethopia, Albania, Africa, Malaysia, Figi-Island, Russia, Saudi Arabic & America etc; and these foreign scholars after completing their studies at JAMIA ASHRAFIA, return to their homelands with a missionary spirit to spread the message of Islam to people all over the world.